on tuesday, i literally hit the wall. i caught the big head cold. yup, it kind of stopped me in my tracks and i think it was time for some rest.i’m back at it now, though! so i will be catching you up on all the lovely things i’ve been up to lately. here are the dimarcellos. such a cute little family and we had such a great time together on a sunny morning in the park. check out a few of my favourites from this session:)

amber&jody • engagement

August 30th, 2011

amber & jody. oh, how i love this couple. when amber emailed me about their engagement shoot, she was very concerned that they wouldn’t be photogenic enough for the shoot, and that the photos might be too ugly to edit. uh…come on people! look at them. they are stunning. and stylish. and they have oh-so-much fun together. and i just love every bit of their happy selves.amber & jody were adventurous…and so we tried out some new spots. can’t wait for their wedding in october:) check out some great photos of these two.ps- just to give you a head’s up…i’ll be revealing some sweet little surprises over the next couple days:) i’m so pumped! stay tuned:)

{sarah & jerome • wedding}

August 24th, 2011

i have been looking forward to sarah & jerome’s wedding day since last year when we did their engagement session in banff. oh, did we have fun. so many laughs, so many great moments we had together. i knew the wedding would be all those things and more.fast forward to this past weekend…and it will remain one of my favourite weekends to date. so much love in the room on sarah & jerome’s wedding day. and i say “room” in the most general sense. everywhere we went, there was love…and not just between a new bride & groom, but also between a mother and son, a father and daughter, a friend to a friend…oh, the list goes on and on. it really was a beautiful day.this wedding was just filled with fabulous details…and even the groomsmen took part! when i arrived early in the morning to take photos of them getting ready, they were watching youtube videos on how to properly fold pocket squares. attention to detail! love it.sarah & jerome…your wedding touched my heart and i am so grateful i was able to be a part of it. enjoy the photos!

kai is one of the most adorable little ones i’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. she has so much personality…she’s friendly and curious and very quick! i met with kai and her mom and dad for a family photo shoot in the park and we “explored” the grass, the flowers, the trees and anything else we could find:)check out a few of my favourites from our time together!

shooting a wedding day for me usually starts with shoes. brillana & nathan’s wedding day was no exception…but in addition to shoes there was a pretty pearl necklace and a bowl of nectarines on the table:) i love these little details….they really tell a lot about the bride & groom.some brides are concerned with details, some are concerned with make up or hair or timeline. after the ceremony ended, brillana had not a care in the world…her only concern was that she was with nathan. they were happy to share a bowl of ice cream, laugh with their bridal party and take a stroll through the park. i love that.thanks for sharing your day with me, brillana & nathan. it was such a joy to capture you both so content to be together. check out a few of my favourites from the day:)

when i first met with dominique & micah at starbucks many months ago, dominique was already bursting with excitement about the engagement shoot. she had a long list of ideas…but on the top of the list of must-haves, dominique & micah wanted part of their shoot to have a 50s feel.now, i’ll be honest and admit that themed shots don’t really fit into my usual style, but i can’t turn down a chance to try something a little different! dominique thought of so many cute details for this shoot…check out her fabulous outfit and the hair and makeup! love it. we started off at the lovely transcend, a coffee spot that makes the most beautiful of coffees, and from there we enjoyed beautiful bicycles, cute picnics and some romance on the train tracks…everything was just perfect.dom & micah…can’t wait for those fab details on your wedding day! love hanging out with you two:) enjoy the photos!

i first met my friend, caitlin, back in grade 5. she had come from a province very far away (new brunswick) to live in sherwood park and we were in the same class that year. i’m pretty sure we’re as opposite as friends come, but we have been friends ever since. we’ve been through a lot together: backpacking through europe, outreach trips to mexico and belize, graduation, weddings and everything in between. our most recent hiccup is that she and her husband, steve, live in another city across the world, but we still manage to stay in touch. we’re lifelong friends for sure.cait and steve were back for a little visit this summer and we did some family photos of them with cait’s parents and her sister jill before they headed back to abu dhabi for the year. here are a few photos of our time together…check ‘em out:)

from the moment i met these two, it was obvious. these two are crazy. the best kind of crazy there is. crazy in love. crazy about life. crazy about photos. dominique and micah are so in love with each other and so in love with life…it really is a blast to be around them! we did something a little different for part of their engagement session, so i’ve separated this post into two parts so you can get the full effect:)i just about fell over when i opened up my email a few months before our engagement session and it read: “can’t wait for our engagement session…do you think we could stop at a spray park at the very end so micah and i can have a water fight?”seriously? haha, dom & micah…you two are the best! i had so much fun with you and seriously can’t WAIT for your wedding day! i know you’ll have something crazy awesome in store:)

{baby ella • portraits}

August 12th, 2011

weeks ago kristi & larroy looked like this…today they are happy parents to beautiful baby ella! what a little sweetheart ella is, with a full head of hair and big bright eyes, i had such a great time capturing her adorable expressions. check out a few favourites from our time together!

{colleen & perry • wedding}

August 11th, 2011

there may have been a nasty storm the night before colleen & perry‘s big day, but their wedding day was nothing but lovely. when i arrived at colleen’s house the morning of the wedding, everything was calm and perfectly in order…and running perfectly on time! colleen is one organized girl.we had fun heading around town taking photos after the ceremony…with such a lovely, sunny day, the mosquitos didn’t even bother us (too much). colleen & perry are ridiculously good looking…ridiculously happy….and really, i had a great time with them and their amazing bridal party on saturday. the day ended with some fun speeches and great reception games, and a great dance party! love it.colleen & perry…i hope you have a lovely honeymoon! it was such a treat to be a part of your day. enjoy the photos!